Investment Visas

Our business model is structured for the sale, purchase, and management of properties and applies for a VISA to invest in the United States. Schedule an appointment with our immigration legal team to discuss the process.


Foreign investors continue seeking opportunities in U.S. markets. As they develop their market opportunities, many foreign investors wish to live in the United States. One method for achieving this goal is the E2 visa, which is a nonimmigrant business visa.

The E2 visa is aimed at investors from certain accorded countries [1] who have invested - or are in the process of investing - a significant amount of capital in a good faith enterprise in any industry in the United States.

A well-established sector that often attracts the attention of many foreign investors in real estate. It is important to note that the regulations require foreign investors to actively manage and develop the business. This can be achieved through a carefully structured business plan. A 5-year business plan is recommended. The business plan should demonstrate that the foreign investor is an active manager and developer of the business.