Who are we?

Innovax Capital is part of a group of leading companies in the real estate market.

Innovax Capital, Corp.

A real estate investment and development group based in the city of Miami, focusing primarily on acquiring, developing, and managing residential and commercial properties, as well as land acquisition and development.


Our business model

We identify investment opportunities in the real estate sector that are below market price and have a high development potential to maximize their profitability.

Acquisition of land for short-term developments that are subsequently marketed, obtaining a high return.

Our business structure is not based on price speculation, but on the careful selection of properties with potential and the design of projects with high quality standards to obtain the maximum return on each property that will be put on the market at a real price, aligned with the supply of the sector to meet market demand.

We are looking for investors who want to be part of our projects where we offer more than 20 years of experience, knowledge, management and execution of tasks ranging from the identification and acquisition of properties to their development and commercialization, obtaining in a short time, high levels of return.

Two companies are deployed from Innovax Capital: Webuyanyhouse.cash (Marketing), Innovax Developers, Corp (Construction)


Dedicated to identifying opportunity properties with high projection, which are below market value and have great development and commercialization potential.

We focus on finding distressed properties such as: in foreclosure process, in bad conditions, with tax non-compliance, bank owned properties, with violations, in divorce process, etc. to acquire them below the regular market price, renovate them and obtain high profits in a short period of time.

Innovax Developers, Corp.

Dedicated to the development and transformation of real estate.



Innovax Developers’ strategy is founded on the identification of burgeoning markets, their restoration and subsequent development. This approach aims at endowing each property with value, underscored by an unwavering commitment to quality and the distinct design of each project, thereby creating singular spaces. Facilitating this process is a cohesive team of experienced collaborators.
Innovax Developers consistently endeavors to enhance the value of its projects, with an unwavering focus on the development of unique concepts. Our meticulous attention to detail and our fervent passion for design bring about positive changes in each of our projects. Our team collaborates closely with architects, engineers, and subcontractors to optimize both investment and construction outcomes, ensuring maximal results.